Monday, July 18, 2005

This is your brain on drugs...

Do any of you remember this commercial?

"This is your brain"...(they showed an egg still in the shell)

"This is your brain on drugs"...(they showed an egg getting cracked into a frying pan, sizzling)

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Anyway, that is all I can think of when I walk outside and feel my skin being burned off. I almost hear the sizzle. I think I may even try placing a pan outside in the sun for 5 minutes, cracking an egg and seing how long it takes to cook it. Someone on the radio said it was supposed to get to 118, but 116 is the forcast I read this morning. But it is still hot as hell either way. Fortunately I have ALL my shit moved and I don't have to move in this fucked up weather. I had a desk to move yesterday and I thought it was going to kill me and Martini. Its not even real wood. It's pressed wood from Target. You know the kind I'm talking about. I have an armoir of the same stuff. The armoir was not heavy. The desk, ya, it was 9000 lbs. Two girls, in 115 heat moving this thing off the bed of my truck, along the sidewalk, 10 feet at a time. I'm sure SOMEONE got a kick out of it. Luckily we are on the first floor. I kept asking God to send two sexy guys to drive by, see us strugling, and come to our rescue.


Anyway, the heat sucks, but I will shut up because I love summer, and I CHOOSE to live here. The only thing that sucks is we actually have some humidity since the Monsoons are trying to start blowing in with some rain, so it's muggy as well. Thank God for Air Conditioning and Cable TV. I guess you know what I will be doing until the sun goes down....

How's the weather where you all are? I hope you are enjoying better weather than we are.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tomorrows the Big Day

So.... tomorrow is the big day. MOVING Day. Yes, tomorrow we get the keys to our new apartment. I have so much still to do, but I have had these annoying headaches and fuckin fatigue (more than usual) and this shitty thing called procrastination. It sucks. But, I am really excited now and so as soon I get home this afternoon, I will finish packing. Then.....yes's off to see BBE and BWE (Best Bartender Ever and Best Waiter Ever) on stage. Yes they have a show tonight and Martini and I are going (how could we miss it?!?!?) to watch them and drool in our beer. Oh, the thought of it makes me happy. They are so fickin' sexy on stage. When BBE screams into that microphone and BWE slaps that funky bass, we are in another world. Okay, that may be overdoing it a bit, well, maybe not. I just think it is SO sexy to see a guy performing on stage. It's an early show at 7 tonight, so I'll still have time to go home and pack some more if I don't get it all done.

No luck on the sexy moving guys, but hey, we can do it! Too bad BBE and BWE couldn't help us out. But that would be a little weird. And we would want them to keep mixing and delivering drinks to us instead of moving heavy boxes, so nothing would get done. Oh well. Back to reality.

I just hope that we can get the TIVO hooked up in time to make sure all of our shows get recorded. Oh and we need to make sure we get Showtime added so we can watch Weeds in August and Queer as Folk. HBO was set up immediately to ensure that Entourage and 6 Feet Under are not missed either. These items are way more important than having enough $$ for food. Not eating = Good. No Entourage = Bad. At least my priorities are in place!!!

So here is to a new beginning *cheers*!!! Wish us good luck, and hopefully nothing falls out of the back of my truck! (Hey that rhymes!)

Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm back from CowTown, USA

I didn't realize that I haven't had a real vacation in quite some time. Yes I have taken time off and gone to visit TM in the past, but we were always running around crazy and never really relaxing. This trip home was just that. Relaxing. I only got to see one of my TX friends and we didn't go out or anything. Just hung out and talked and got caught up on whats happened in the last year or so. It was nice. The rest of the time, I got to hang with my Mom (& StepDad) just watching movies, talking about old times and going through old pictures and stuff. We did spend a day or two totally cleaning and re-organizing the spare bedroom and getting all the Holiday decorations put neatly into clear plastic bins from Walmart, neatly labled with the contents of each bin, on the side. My mom is not the best at doing this, so she has been waiting for months for me to come help her do this. I love that kind of stuff, so it was fun.

And then there is my baby, Sevin. She is the BEST dog in the world. A little stupid, but in a cute "dog" kind of way, and tends to get herself into trouble every now and then, but I love her to death. I wanted to come back with pictures of her, but when I got there my dig camera had no battery in it, and I was too lazy to try to find it at Walmart, which is the only big store in town. (My parents actually live 40-min outside of Amarillo in dinky little town - population 14,500). So I wasn't going to drive in to Amarillo for a battery. Oh well. I'll have my parents email some pics.

When I got in, it was 5am Texas time, and my parents were asleep, but their window faces where I parked, so because the window was open, it woke Sevin and she always lets out one lone bark when something wakes her suddenly. So I heard the bark and then saw her head peaking out the window. She recognized me and started whining and then she dissapeared and I knew she was running to the front door waiting with her cute head cocked to one side waiting for me to come in. I walked in the door, and she spun around about 3 times, and I dropped down to her level so she could give me "kisses" on the cheek, and I gave her a big hug. I know I'm a freak. I just love my dog. She was always there for me, knowing EXACTLY when I was depressed, down, or sick. She would never leave my side if I was sick, laying at the other end of the couch, dozing with me while I get caught up on the soap operas, flicking channels in a cough medicine induced haze. And when I would come home crying, she would come up to me whining and lick the tears from my cheeks, and stay right by me until I stopped crying. Dogs are fickin' awesome. And they DO have feelings no matter what people say. Okay I will stop going ON and ON about my dog.

Anyway, I felt at home there, and I was able to relax, and the day I left, I actually felt refreshed. I haven't felt that in years. Really. I didn't know how much I needed it, but I did. I will definitely have to do it again in the next few months.