Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Story - Part 1

For the last 2 months, for some reason, I have had intense dreams that include my ex. Not my recent ex, but my ex from about 10 years ago. (Damn that makes me feel old writing that) As I have maybe mentioned before, I think there are reasons that people show up in dreams. It’s not always clear to me why people show up in our dreams, but I believe it is not just a random thing. I loved this guy with all that I had (or as much as a 16 – 20 year old girl could). It seriously took me 5 years to get over him after we broke up in 96. I still believe that he and I should have been together, but our timing was wrong. Too much to explain.

But why had he returned to my dreams for a while there? Was it the familiar pain of having my heart ripped out by someone else recently, that brought him fresh to my mind? Is he thinking about me? Has he also noticed that “our song” (Black from Pearl Jam) keeps coming on the local radio lately after about 8 years of almost no air play? I doubt it. I think maybe I am just needing to write about it. I never have. This is the story of my first true, serious, long term, relationship. The FIRST man I thought I would be with forever, and yet the funnest time of my life.

It all started late January or early February, 1993. It was brisk but not too cold outside. It was my Junior year. My friend Chrissy and I were leaning against the wall in the smoking section at school. She was quite the mischeivious person, more mischeiveous than I knew at the time. She was telling me about this Sophomore guy that she has been dating, and his band, and how good they are, blah blah blah. The other guys in the band went to our school too, and she said I should hang out with them sometime or go to their next practice. I told her I would next time they get together. Then the warning bell rang, so we stomped out our cigarettes and ran to class.

We met again for lunch that afternoon and she proceeded to tell me that she was talking to her boyfriend’s drummer about me and that he said he has noticed me for a while and wanted to meet me. I was skeptical, but said fine, I’ll meet him when we get together. She suggested that I sneek out of Geometry class early the next day (this was a normal ritual) and meet her in the smoking section because he has auto shop (next door to smoking area) and she will have him meet us there. I said fine.

So of course I wore my cutest little pleated black skirt and knee high tights (shut up they were popular at the time – and yes I actually used to wear skirts, although it was rare) and I curled my hair so that it looked hot, but not like I was trying to hard. Geometry ended early (ha ha) and I walked into the smoking section and met Chrissy. The only other people in there were these two guys, one scary looking guy and this guy Todd that I went to Jr High with that I hated and who hated me. So I look at Chrissy and say “so where is he?”

Then I realize that she mentioned that her boyfriend’s drummer’s name is Todd. This look of horror comes over my face. I say “Chrissy, that’s Todd (his last name here)!!!”

She says, “Hey how did you know his name?”

I gave her a look of death as she pulled me over to him and his scary looking friend. They were both in coveralls covered in grease from shop class, deep in conversation. Todd didn’t appear to enjoy the interruption, and this struck me odd as Chrissy had just told me that he has been wanting to meet me for a while. And I thought he hated me, so why would he want to meet someone he doesn’t care for?

He looks at me and it registers who I am as Chrissy is introducing me to him.

He says, “Ya, I already know who she is. Hey (my last name here)” referring to me by my last name with a snotty smirk on his face.

I grabbed her arm, and dragged her behind me as I walked off.

You can forget about whatever little ‘hook-up’ you had planned. He hates me. He has since 7th grade. So just forget about it.” I said.

I’ll talk to him. Now let me use your lighter” she said as we walked towards my car to ditch the last period of the day.

...To be continued...


At 3:11 PM, Blogger happyandblue2 said...

The story was just getting to the exciting part..

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Martini Love said...

Making us wait huh?? Okay.. keep us in suspense.


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