Friday, December 09, 2005

Story Part 2


(continued from last post)

So the next day, Chrissy tells me they are having band practice and that I should come. I was still sketchy about being hooked up with Todd, but I’m a sucker for musicians and local bands, so I go. They practice at the Guitarist’s house. His parents closed off the garage and sound proofed it to make it into a practice room. I was impressed. I walk in and am introduced to the band. Todd acts like he could care less that I am there, Terry the guitarist is friendly enough, Dan the bass player just smiles hello (extremely shy guy), and Colby the singer is super nice and I knew immediately that I would become great friends with him.

So Chrissy, Beckie (guitarist’s GF) and I leave the practice room and go outside to smoke and talk about the “boys”. Although it is soundproof, we can still hear the music out on the driveway, and I discover that they are really good for a high school band and I like their sound. Chrissy and Becky proceed to tell me that ever since the other day, all Todd has talked about is me, and how he wants my number (???) They ask me (in true high school style) if I like him. Do I think he’s hot? Etc, etc. I explain that all through Jr High we ran with different crowds who didn’t like each other. He was a complete snob (short hair that was always styled just perfect, in the school band, preppy looking clothes); I was a scary stoner ( black eye makeup, black clothes, jean jacket with Metallica and Iron Maiden written all over it and all).

Becky says he has completely changed, and I can see that, because now he has long hair, dresses WAY different, etc. And now that I can get past our mutual “dislike” for each other, I notice that he IS kinda hot…

Well the music stops and we hear the guys come outside to join us. They are all sweaty (which I have to say looked nice) and hopped up on adrenaline from getting a new song together. (That song will later become my favorite of them all, Power of Destruction) After some small talk they invite us to come in and listen to them jam a while. I become fascinated with the drums and Todd’s double bass skills, amazed that the singer Colby is barely 15 years old and has more tattoos than anyone at our high school, and both nipples pierced. Just as I realize that I am going to love hanging with these guys, I also realize that I have to go. My mom needed her car back, and I had homework. So I get up, explaining that I have to go, lingering as long as I can waiting for Todd to get the nerve to ask for my number. After a long awkward pause I leave and head to my car, cursing Chrissy as a liar under my breath.

But, as I’m about to get in the car, Todd comes running out with a piece of paper and a pen and asks if I would mind if he called me. I blush (I can never control that reflex) and say of course I wouldn’t mind as I'm scribbling down my number. He says he will see me in the smoking section with the others in the morning. I say okay, close the door, start the engine and drive home, huge smile upon my face.

…more later…


At 2:51 PM, Blogger happyandblue2 said...

Meeting in the smoking area sounds so terribly romantic, tee,hee.
I can hardly wait for part 3.
Really, I like this story..

At 2:17 AM, Blogger dan said...

oooo...more please.

was the smoking area an official smoking area?

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Martini Love said...

Drummers are hot...

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Martini Love said...

Wait check that I mean muscians are hot... I never knew any high school bands... so that is why I was obsessed with the Skater Boys, but you know that already.. continue soon!!


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